Ouray County

Lynn Padgett For Ouray County Commissioner, District 1


ā€œIā€™m excited to be a candidate for Ouray County Commissioner, District 1. Serving Ouray County for two terms in this position from 2009-2016 has been my greatest professional and community honor. I truly appreciate how engaged our citizens are and the diversity of ideas and experience we all bring to our county.ā€

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There is no better place to live, work, play, or raise a family than Ouray County.

We are in a critical period where we need strong, experienced leadership to navigate a pandemic that is increasing the demand for health, safety, and welfare services at the same time we are facing uncertainty about county revenues and a potential recession. We need to be agile, creative, and collaborative to leverage our resources and innovate new ways of communicating and delivering critical services safely. We need to support Ouray County's dedicated and professional staff providing high-quality and responsive county services. I'm excited to talk with you about my campaign and hear your vision for Ouray County's people, communities, land, and water. I want to earn your support.
I believe there is no One Size Fits All. I know that by putting people ahead of partisan politics, and listening, we will identify common ground for sensible and informed decisions. Democracy does exist and thrive at our local level when we vote for it. Together we Make Ouray County Strong.
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